Since 2005, we have been placing people just like you in a range of city and rural jobs throughout Australia.

Over that time, and having been involved in thousands of interviews and job placements, we have come up with some key tips that will give you your best chance of finding that perfect rural job.

Tweak that resume!

Take a look at your current resume. Ensure your resume is current and relevant to the job you are applying for.

Provide 2 current referees, with your CV. This “References available on request” simply doesn’t work!

Invest in a vehicle

The fact is, if you have a vehicle, you double your chances of finding work, especially harvest work.

Jobseekers over the years have said, I’ll get a car when I get a job, but in the real world, having a car will help you get a job so much faster.

Be committed

Commit to the job you are offered. If the job is for 3 months, commit to staying for that period.

Jobseekers who leave their jobs early do nothing for the reputation of other travelling jobseekers. Employers want reliable, motivated workers.

Be patient

We place around 3000 people in jobs each year. Sometimes you may have to wait, just that bit longer for the right position.

Patience, persistence and timing all have a huge say in the type of opportunity you may be presented.

Do your research

When you do have the opportunity to present for an interview, make sure you are well presented, have done some further research on the type of job you are applying for and during the interview, be engaging.

Ask about the business, how long have they been there, where did the owners come from before etc.

Good luck applying for that rural job!

There’s our five key steps in finding a great rural job. If you need further advice, or have a question for the team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly crew at The Job Shop.

Good Luck!

Andrew Coldbeck, Founder, The Job Shop