Ever wanted to know more about country pub work in Australia, but were afraid to ask? This article explains what a typical employee at a country pub does, and the benefits of working in a country town.

The typical country pub

Country Pubs are located in just about every country town in Western Australia. Some of these Australian towns will be large enough to have several pubs, others only have the population to have just one. Typical country pubs will provide accommodation, meals and a place to have a drink for travellers, visiting workers and locals alike.

In many country towns, the pub is a central social meeting place. Locals will enjoy knowing their neighbours and having a quiet drink or pub counter meal with friends and family.

What work is typical in a country pub?

Most pubs are advertising for “all-rounder” positions, meaning that the winning candidates get to enjoy being involved in every aspect of the business.

Country pub duties can include working behind the bar, serving customers in the restaurant, helping out in the kitchen, as well as housekeeping for the accommodation side of the business.

country pub

Why choose a country pub job?

There are many great lifestyle and financial benefits to work in hospitality within a rural setting.  These include;

Save money

Typically, most country pub jobs include meals and accommodation being provided. This is a great way to save some serious money, and reduce the typical commute times you would expect working in a large city.

Fantastic social opportunities

Working in a country pub means that you will meet authentic Australian characters, as well as travellers from around Australia and beyond. Working in a country pub gives you a chance to become part of a rural community and create lifelong friendships.

Experience another side of the town

You will have ample opportunity to experience the many attractions of an area that are typically only known by the locals.

Travel outside your typical city

Many people who work in country jobs nominate the ability to work in a place they normally won’t visit as one of the key benefits. The solitude, the quiet landscapes and the ability to explore nearby regions are well received.

Better health

Many employees in country pubs talk about the fact they get to walk more, enjoy the country air, and have a higher level of happiness than their typical desk job friends.

I had such a wonderful time working for six months at a typical Aussie country pub. The manager, other staff and the customers were all so friendly. Thank you so much!
– Sarah W.

How to apply for country pub work

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