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Roadhouse Job Advice and Info from a Roadhouse Allrounder

What’s the deal with roadhouse jobs? Here is some feedback from one of our candidates who was placed in a roadhouse job in a country town in Western Australia. Jenna (25, Finnish) worked in a roadhouse in a small country town about 3.5 hours southeast of Perth in Western Australia.  Here is what she had to say: What work experience did you have before applying for the job? I had 8 years of retail experience and about 6 months of event planning and hosting experience, all back in Finland. What were your thoughts when you first arrived and started...

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Roadhouse Jobs: Are They Right for You?

One of the most frequent positions listed on The Job Shop website is “Roadhouse Allrounder”.    Most overseas visitors are not familiar what a roadhouse even is, let alone what roadhouse jobs entail.  Here is some general information about roadhouse jobs. What is a roadhouse? A roadhouse or ‘servo’ as the Aussies call it, is a service station offering a variety of amenities to passing travellers.  Roadhouses are usually in rural areas on a main highway or in small country towns where services for locals and travellers are limited.  Basically, a roadhouse exists because not much else does in the...

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Phone Interview Cheat Sheet to Land Your Next Job

It’s important to prepare as much for a phone interview as you would for an in-person interview.  Our phone interview cheat sheet shares the most important tips for how to prepare for and ace a phone interview. Due to the remote nature of most of our jobs, interviews are done over the phone instead of in person.  As a part of The Job Shop recruitment process, you will have an initial phone or in-person interview with one of our recruitment consultants.  If that goes well and your experience and references check out, you will then have a phone interview...

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9 resume tips for applying for work in Australia

The Job Shop staff review hundreds of resumes each day from a variety of Australian and international candidates.  Every country has a different way of formatting their resumes.  In this blog post, we will offer some resume tips so you can put your best foot forward when applying for a job in Australia.   Keep it simple The goal of a resume is to get the employer (or recruiter!) interested enough so that they contact you for more information.  Keep in mind that whoever is reading your resume is likely busy running their business.  The quicker and easier it is for them...

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Farm Work in Katherine, Northern Territory

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about farm work around Katherine.  This information should help you decide if going north is the right option for you. Katherine in the Northern Territory is The Job Shop’s busiest harvest location.  We placed nearly 700 people in farm work around Katherine in 2017.   Where is Katherine? Katherine is in the Northern Territory, about 3 hours or 300 kms south of Darwin. What kind of farm work can I get around Katherine? Farm work in Katherine is seasonal.  What farm jobs are available depends on the time...

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