What’s the deal with roadhouse jobs? Here is some feedback from one of our candidates who was placed in a roadhouse job in a country town in Western Australia.

Jenna (25, Finnish) worked in a roadhouse in a small country town about 3.5 hours southeast of Perth in Western Australia.  Here is what she had to say:

What work experience did you have before applying for the job?

I had 8 years of retail experience and about 6 months of event planning and hosting experience, all back in Finland.

What were your thoughts when you first arrived and started the job?

I had only been in Australia for 2.5 weeks and I instantly loved the place.  The community was lovely and the people so welcoming.

What did your roadhouse job entail? 

The job in general was great, it took about two weeks to learn everything.  I was able to work alone without pressure or stress.

Day shifts on the front counter included serving customers, taking payments on the till and making coffee.  Once the roadhouse closed, we’d have to clean the coffee machine, bain marie and shop. Kitchen shifts included stocking the kitchen and fridges, prep work, cooking when orders come in and cleaning.  When I was there, road workers were staying at the motel so we cooked evening meals for them.

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What type of customers came into the roadhouse?

Mostly farmers who lived in the area, truckies (truck drivers) and road workers.

How many hours would you work?

Some weeks I did less than 40 and some 50 hours. I was always able to work more hours if I wanted to.  The roadhouse was open until 8pm and it’s only place for people in town to get food at night, so we could get busy.

How did you get on with your employer and the other roadhouse staff?

Awesome, it was like family!  Everyone was welcoming when I got there and we all connected really well.

I felt like after 3 months I wasn’t ready to go yet as I settled in so well, so I stayed on another 3 months.   Pete (the owner) treats the girls like his daughters so I always felt safe and looked after.

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What did you like best about the job?

The people I was working with and the local community.  We had great customers who created a good atmosphere.  I got to know them and they got to know me.  It didn’t feel like hard work.

What was your accommodation?  Meals?

I got free accommodation in my own motel room with bathroom and queen bed.  I ate for free at the roadhouse and Pete ordered us fruit and veg and whatever we wanted.   You could just help yourself to the kitchen.

What did you do in your spare time?

Fitness classes, hanging out with friends, going to the pub, day trips, hiking, and visited Wave Rock (local attraction).

Did you save money?

Yes, I saved a good amount.  Enough to travel for some months after finishing work and to and pay for my flights back home.

What advice would you give someone preparing for a roadhouse job?

Have the right attitude

Be open minded and make an effort to try new things

Get involved in the community

This is a great way to meet people



A roadhouse job is a great way to explore a different part of Australia while earning money and making great friends.